Avocado oil


I discovered Avocado Oil Mayonnaise thanks to the keto community.  It is a great way to increase your healthy fat intake and now that I have realized how easy it is to make mayo - I don't know that I will ever buy it again.  This is also crazy good on grilled artichokes (pictured below).

Prep Time:                 5 minutes

Cook Time:                5 minutes

Total Time:                10 minutes

Servings:                    8-10


1     cup of avocado oil

1     large egg

1     teaspoon ground mustard

1     pinch sea salt

1     clove of minced and smashed garlic (totally

       optional but I think it makes the mayo)


1   Place all of the ingredients in a wide mouth jar.  It needs to be wide

     enough to allow your immersion blender in and I highly recommend

     using the jar you intend to store the may in.

2.  Run your immersion blender in the jar until the mixture becomes the

     consistency of ......... well, mayonnaise.

3.  While you can eat it right away, I prefer to refrigerate mine for at least

     30-minutes prior to using but again, that is just me.