butternut squash &

cauliflower risotto

This healthy alternative to Risotto is one of our family favorites.  The squash gives it a sweet creaminess that is to die for.  Pairs great with seafood (in this case, seared scallops) and the leftovers are awesome.

Prep Time:                 10 minutes

Cook Time:                30 minutes

Total Time:                 40 minutes

Servings:                    4



  1     Head of Cauliflower (riced)

  2     cups of chopped butternut squash 

  1     large shallot, diced

  1/2  cup white wine

  1/2  cup water

  1/2  cup shredded Parmesan cheese

         salt and pepper to taste

   2    Tbsp Butter



1.  Break down the head of cauliflower and place in the food processor.  Pulse until it reaches a rice like consistency (or just  buy the pre-riced versions in either the produce or frozen sections which work just as well but are more expensive).

2.  Heat a large saute' pan over medium heat and add butter.

3.  Once the butter is melted and hot add shallots and saute until shallots are translucent.

4.  Season with salt and pepper.

5.  Add butternut squash and toss to coat in the butter.  Continue to cook until squash begins to soften (about 5 minutes).

6.  Reduce heat to Medium Low, add cauliflower and mix thoroughly.

7.  Add white wine and cook off until the liquid has evaporated.

8.  Add water and cover the pan to let the entire mixture steam.

9.  Once cauliflower is tender, stir in Parmesan cheese and stir until thoroughly incorporated.

10. Enjoy!!

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