Welcome, new coach! Get ready for the adventure ahead!

We are a team that changes lives, so everything we do operates off of that premise. There are a lot of layers to this statement, and one of those is to be “all in” with us. Consider this a movement to reach as many people as possible and help as many people as possible get healthy. To clarify from the video, this is an 11 day group where you will get your business off the ground. Let’s GO!

This is your platform to share your story, your passion and your heart with others. The income will follow. We serve others using the gifts we’ve been given. Being a coach should magnify those gifts and show you that being YOU is the very best gift you can give the world. We are SO GLAD that you are here, because together we can impact an exponential number of people and change the legacy of a generation.

It doesn’t matter what you did in your coaching business or your own fitness last year or last week. We’re moving forward. Have an open mind and a fire in your gut. If you want a better future and if your WHY is stronger than your excuses then you will do amazing things.

Remember, NO ONE can hold you accountable but yourself. That’s empowering. Effort is the only thing you can control in business, and THAT’S everything.

So welcome to the team! This is the beginning of something great! Always remember that your business will only grow as much as you do, so you have to be committed to a lifelong process of personal development. Personal development is interactive … meaning it should involve reading, thinking, writing, processing, listening and all of that over and over again.

Prerequisite: Complete the “New Coach Start Here” video series on this site. You must watch these 10 videos before you start this Business Starter Academy section. Purchase Spirit Driven Success by Dani Johnson or 10X Rule by Grant Cardone. 



Facebook really is our first impression of someone. Think about it. When someone adds you or they comment on a friend’s post, you automatically check out their Profile if you don’t immediately recognize them, correct? Today we are going to check out our own profiles and clean things up before we start posting about our new coaching journey, so when people come to our pages, they get a feel for who you are and what you do!


Watch the video below from Brooke on cleaning up your Facebook.


Day Two: Social Media 101

Today we are going to talk more about social media, because it really is our platform for our business! In addition to the short video from our friend Caleb above, please also watch this second video from him.


1. Check out this what NOT to do document.

2. Check out our Simple Social Media Guide.

3. Based on what you learned, what changes do you need to make? You must put this training into action if you wish to succeed.


Day 3: Your WHY Power + Announcing You Are A Coach

“He who has a why can endure any how.” ––Friedrich Nietzsche.

Do you know your “Whyˮ?

Your WHY is the reason you became a Beachbody Coach. But, don’t let this simple explanation fool you, having a clear WHY is one of your most powerful tools as a Coach. A meaningful WHY will push you through obstacles, will help you stay focused on your goals, and will help you connect with others in a meaningful way. Most new Coaches struggle to identify a meaningful WHY for themselves.

Consider the following questions to help you:

Where do you add value to others?

What are your personal strengths?

What makes you come alive?

How will you measure “successˮ in your life?

How can Beachbody help with the important things in your life?

How will that make you feel?

Why does it matter to you?

Knowing why you’re a Coach will give your business a sense of purpose and vision. Where there is no vision, the people will perish, right? And it will also make it easier to connect with others. People are drawn to people who have a sense of purpose and vision because it builds trust and gives some common ground to build on. It all starts with your WHY.


1. Watch Brooke’s video above.

2. Review this document.

3. Review these Example New Coach Announcements.

4. Create your New Coach Announcement. Send it to your upline coach FIRST, and make sure you include the picture you intend to use. He or she will give you feedback before posting so that you can post with confidence! Generally speaking, weeknights between 7-9 pm are the best times to post. Friday and Saturday nights are not high traffic times, so make sure you avoid those nights. Sunday nights tend to be the highest traffic time.

packs and 

When you signed up as a coach, your sponsor or myself told you to invest in a Challenge Pack because it has everything you need to succeed with your own health and fitness goals AND coaching:

  1. Fitness (your program)

  2. Nutrition (Shakeology and your program’s meal plan)

  3. Support (us, your coach and a challenge group)

  4. Rewards (Beachbody Challenge weekly, monthly and grand prize winners, as well as individual challenge group rewards)

And all of that equals SUCCESS! As coaches, we don’t need to be health and fitness experts, because the experts have already designed AMAZING programs and Shakeology to ensure our clients get the best results. So, what do we do? You guessed it! We COACH people! We cheer them on, motivate them, but most importantly we help the get started RIGHT and make sure they stay on track. We want our clients to get the BEST results right? That’s why offering the challenge packs are so important! Challenge Packs really are the COMPLETE solution for ANY client, in one awesome deal!

The Challenge Pack is always the BEST option for any potential challenger. Having said that, there is always a Good, Better, Best way to help people. We don’t want to leave ANY customer behind, right? Truth is, if we don’t help them take a baby step, someone else will — and it will likely be a gimmick or a short cut and they will miss out on all the love you will give them in the process of becoming better.

Achieving Success Club by helping 3 new challengers get started with a challenge pack or new shakeology home direct order is a #1 benchmark to shoot for every month. In addition to that, you are going to learn in this video about an equally important benchmark to aim for which is becoming a 500 PV Coach. Becoming a 500 PV coach shows that you are leaving no customer behind…meeting people where they are at….and developing a strong customer base which will make you more profitable. Bottom line, it shows you are helping people.

Don’t worry about hosting your own challenge group just yet, unless you are ready! Ask your sponsor, or myself, if you are not already in a challenge group yourself. 

Challenge Pack Assignment:

1. Watch the No Customer Left Behind Video

2. Review Challenge Pack FAQ.

3. Review and save a copy of this “Problems our Products Solve” Summary Sheet

list building and what to say

Day 5: List Building + What to Say

Since you’re starting to share on social media, and after sharing your story/new coach announcement, you might have had some people who were interested in what you’re doing or what you have to offer! You also might have gotten crickets and that’s ok! Make sure you watch the video above.

If someone expresses interest, I will send them something like:

Step One: “Hey there! I saw you were interested in my challenge group! Are you working towards any fitness goals right now? What’s your biggest struggle?”

Step Two: I will then move into using the scripts (also pinned to the top of our team page in our team Google Drive).


If someone likes or comments on the post, I will send them something like:

Step One: “Hey there! Thank you so much for supporting me in my new health and fitness journey and as a coach! It really means so much to me! So, thank you! Were you interested in the group?”

This opens up the conversation and expresses genuine gratitude! It might not lead to a conversation about health and fitness, but you have planted the seed! Think of likes/comments from now on like someone IN PERSON, telling you a compliment! It is normal to say “thank you”.


Start making a list of people you are talking to and those who are liking/commenting on your posts, especially your New Coach Announcement post! Contacts are incredibly valuable and we will be putting this list to use in your next phase of training!



1. Start making a contact list of 50+ (shoot for 100). Make sure you add anyone who commented or liked your New Coach Announcement. Those who have liked and commented on your social media posts and anyone you have started convos with because of your posts should be on the TOP of your list. Don’t forget to reach out to those who liked/commented on your post!

2. Use Facebook to help you with your list. Also, use the Memory Jogger. DO NOT pre-judge! You can change anyone’s life! Remember that!


Day 6: Inviting Challengers and Coaches to Join You

Today we are going to talk more about how to have conversations and how to recommend programs to your prospective challengers. This is a VITAL income building activity in your business. 

Watch the video from Coach Caleb above. We know the Challenge Pack is the best option for our clients, but you have to show them the VALUE in it through BELIEF and CONFIDENCE. We connect their DEEP WHY for getting started and wanting to hit their goals to the program we think would be best for them! Ok, how do we do that? Easy, We ASK!

In our inviting scripts/guide, you saw the steps of the convos:

Step #1: Keep it Brief

Step #2: Quick Details + Question

Step #3: Ask More Questions

Step #4: Give a Recommendation

Step #5: Send Order Instructions.

Steps #1 and #2 HAVE to happen before anything else! You will notice when these steps get out of order, you end up having a hard time getting the person to commit. Once you connect their GOAL and their WHY with a challenge pack we offer … it’s a DEAL for them! They see the value! Without knowing their WHY and their goals, it is impossible to set them up for success!

Follow the scripts, but use your voice. When in conversation, be a professional question asker! BE A LISTENER! This builds trust, showing that you genuinely care for them and want them to succeed, instead of just trying to “sell” them something.


Here are some example questions located in the scripts (of course ask these 1-2 at a time):

1. What do you feel like your biggest struggle is with nutrition and fitness? (meal planning, knowing what to eat and how much, knowing what workouts, time, interest, etc)

2. What areas of your body are you wanting to work on improving the most?

3. What sort of physical activities have you ENJOYED doing in the past or workouts that really made you feel good?

4. How much time do you have a day to commit to working out?

5. How often do you eat out per week?

6. Do you drink coffee, energy drinks or take anything for more energy?

7. Do you take any multivitamins or supplements right now?

8. Do you have a support system at home? (significant other, friends, family etc.?

You will also notice that questions lead to FUTURE conversations. When we bring up Shakeology as part of the challenge pack, it is very easy to remember if the person said they drink energy drinks, to build the value in Shakeology, because it can replace those items which are usually costly/unhealthy.

If someone asks you about another product, use the  “I don’t know about ____{insert whatever they ask about}, all I know is _______” and share YOUR story! Don’t ever get in that back and forth battle. Just share your story or someone else’s that might relate to the person you are talking to!

Example: “I don’t know about that, all I know is with the 21DF and Shakeology, I finally hit my goals and taught myself a lifestyle that has stuck with me! Come to find out, I was overeating healthy foods! Who knew!? I also know I will take Shakeology daily, for life, because it truly helped with my energy levels, keeping me full, cravings away and my tummy happy ;)!”

Always remember: Facts TELL, Stories SELL! People want to hear about YOUR experience and how you feel or examples of other coaches or challengers. Trying to explain TOO much about the programs and Shakeology, will actually end up hurting you, because when we talk too much, people shut down and feel like they are not being HEARD.

I ask a lot of questions to make sure I can recommend the best challenge pack/program for them! Then, I usually narrow it down to 1-2 programs I believe would be great for them, go to YouTube and find Team Beachbody’s Account and search for the program and send them the videos of each and ask for them to see which one they feel like they could really commit to! (all in the scripts).


If you’re unsure how to recommend a program to someone, NO WORRIES, use this program comparison chart based on their answers to the questions you ask OR go to our team page and ask for opinions!



Know where to locate our team scripts to help you move your conversations along more fluidly.  You can save a copy of these invitations guides  to your personal google drive by clicking File –> Save a copy on each document.


Day 7: Dealing With Objections

The most COMMON objections you are GOING to hear are time and money. Why is this? Most of the people you will meet don’t currently allocate the time or money in their budget to their health and fitness needs—that’s why they’re talking to you!

When you hear concerns on price, realize that in most cases the price isn’t the real concern, it’s just the most convenient one! Like Caleb said in the video, maybe we have failed to help them see the VALUE in what we offer by getting to their goals, real WHY, and connecting that with what we offer, like we talked about yesterday! Sometimes what you need to do is just ask a few more questions to get to the real concern. This only works IF you have connected their goals and their why to what you can offer … a challenge pack and your challenge group experience.

Here are a few example questions to give you some ideas:

Client: “Yeah, I want to join your Challenge Group, but I just don’t have the money right now.”

You: [Relate and disarm the objection] “Great! I’m glad you see value in the Challenge Group and how it will help you hit your goals! I really feel like it will be perfect for you! And hey, I totally understand where you’re coming from, a lot of my clients had the same concern when they started and so did I. I just want to help you the best way that I can, and I really think this is the BEST option for you.”

[Then, ask a conversational question below to relate to the client and build value in the Challenge Pack]

1. “Can I ask you, what part of the Challenge Group and the program were you most excited about?”

2. “Would the sacrifices you’d have to make to get started be worth it if you reached your fitness goals?”

3. “I just don’t want to let financial concerns keep you from taking some important steps that could change your life and help you (insert their goals)…so how can we make this work for you?”

[After asking questions, circle back to the invite]

You: “I know it may not be easy to get started, but I can promise you that it’ll be worth it. Besides, the company has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you aren’t seeing the results you wanted, you can get your money back. You’ve got nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain! Can I send you a registration link to get started?”

Now, let’s talk about time …

Some people you speak with who are looking to improve their fitness and overall health won’t be in the habit of finding time to work out and eat healthy. They’ll tell you that they feel incredibly busy and so while they know they need to do something to get healthy, they can feel unsure about their ability to fit it into their schedule. In short, they can be afraid to commit to the Challenge Group.

Here’s an example …

Client: “I think it sounds good, but between work and everything else in my life, there’s no way I could find the time to do it right now.”

You: [Relate to the client and then ask questions] “Yeah, we could all use a few more hours in the day, right?! I get it, most of my clients and myself had the same exact concern when we got started. But, I found that I could find 30 minutes a day for myself for my workouts and found ways to make it work, because it was important to me! I had to make it a priority! I know you said you wanted to (insert their goals), but how important is that to you? Do you think finding the time and getting results would be worth it?””

[After asking questions, circle back to the invite]

“I know it may not be clear how you’ll find the time right now, but I can tell you that I’ve worked with a lot of people with the same concern and they’ve found the time and have told me what they gained was well worth it. I know for me (insert story). And, we also found that it wasn’t as hard to make their health and fitness a priority as they thought it was, thanks to the amazing programs that make it so much more easy. I really think you will also find that the support and accountability in the challenge group will keep you on track and motivated to continue to find time and make it priority!”


Find the Objection Scripts in the Team Drive on the TFR Facebook page, it’s pinned to the top with the rest of the drive. Inviting > Invite to Challenge Groups > TFR Price and Time Objection. Go to File at the top of the page, click Make A Copy and rename the file so that you have a saved copy of your own that you can edit.

part 1

Day 8: Sharing Shakeology (Part 1)

When my coach first recommended Shakeology to me, I refused. But she encouraged me to try it, so I did. It turns out, I needed Shakeology more than the workouts she recommended. It changed my eating habits and helped me crave healthier foods. Instead of drinking a Diet Coke and eating M&M’s in the middle of the day, I started treating myself to a shake and my body started responding quickly to my workouts. I was hooked and six years later, I’m still hooked! What I began to realize is that my nutrition is everything, it’s not just 80% of my results, it’s 100%. Why? Because your nutrition impacts your ability to do your workouts, too. If you eat junk, your workout will suffer. If you eat to fuel your body, your workouts are not only more effective, but results will come more quickly and they are more FUN!

One of the coolest things about Shakeology is that it’s NOT a protein shake. Yes, it has protein in it, but truly, it’s a WHOLE FOOD nutrition shake. If you think about it, most of us are not deficient in protein. The general population, even us clean eaters, are NUTRIENT deficient because so many of our foods have been stripped of the very things that are good for us.

This is truly where Shakeology comes into play. It is a versatile nutrition shake that has WHOLE FOOD ingredients compounded together for a purpose, and that purpose is to enable your digestion and insides to thrive so that your outsides follow suit. When your body gets what it needs, energy levels go up, you begin to think and process more clearly and extra weight begins to fall off … all as a side effect of good nutrition.



  1. Watch the above video with co-creator of Shakeology, Darin O’lien.

  2. Print the 3 Steps to Sharing Shakeology Guide.

  3. Complete Step 1: Learn the Essentials

  4. Complete Step 2: Share your Shakeology Story and Favorite Recipe

sharing shakeology
part 2

Day 9: Sharing Shakeology (Part 2)

Now that you have written out YOUR Shakeology story and have a foundational understanding of the WHY behind Shakeology, it’s time to dig a little deeper. There are many opinions and misconceptions about shakes in general, most likely you will find yourself in a situation where objections arise. Don’t be upset when they do. Objections are good and provide an opportunity for you to share in more detail why Shakeology has been a good choice for you.

My suggestion to you is to always lead with YOUR STORY, you can also share the stories of those on our team or in your challenge groups. Never get into debate, educate by presenting facts, share your story and be confident of what you have to offer while being respectful of hesitations. Many times, they have had a previous bad experience with another shake that they are unnecessarily connecting to Shakeology.

The video above is a call done by 6 Star Diamond, Elite Coach, Joy Bowen. This call was done prior to the launch of the All Access Challenge Pack, but it provides a great perspective on how to add to value to your conversations with prospective challengers as it relates to their nutrition and the role Shakeology can play in that. Our goal for this part of the training is that you will walk away with an increased confidence and passion for sharing Shakeology with those around you.


  1. Revisit your 3 Steps to Sharing Shakeology Guide.

  2. In part 2, Review ‘5 Things Shakeology Does for the Body’. Pick a few points that resonate with you and describe how you’ll share them with others.

  3. Also in part 2, Review ‘Key Benefits of Using Shakeology Regularly’. Pick a few points from each section and describe how you’ll share with others why they’re important to you.

Additional Resources:

  1. Subscribe to the “Inside Shakeology” podcast on your podcast app

  2. Subscribe to the Shakeology channel on Youtube

  3. Coach Seay Stanford is also an excellent resource for many common questions and objections surrounding Shakeology:

mindset and 
next steps

Day 10: Mindset + Next Steps

Congrats, new coach! You took some big steps in this Business Starter Academy and we are so proud of you! Listen to Brendon Burchard speak about how successful people think. If you find yourself giving in to fear or paralyzed by self doubt, you MUST increase the amount of personal development that you are listening and/or reading. 

Now that you have completed your first phase of training, please make sure that you have TAKEN ACTION on the following:

  1. Revamped your Facebook page with our “Social Media Makeover”

  2. Posted your WHY post

  3. Invited at least 10 people to your 1st challenge group using the INVITE PROCESS (hosted by you or co-hosted by you and your upline)

  4. Completed (not just read) the Shakeology training


Are you ready for your NEXT STEP?

If you have completed this training, you are ready for TEAM BUILDER ACADEMY located here in our team site. You’ll learn new coaching skills and how to create the income building habits necessary to grow a successful business. This is a self paced training that is found here. Also, don’t wait for your coach to reach out to you, instead, reach out to them and ask to schedule a weekly call. Team Builder Academy will be your home base until you are an Emerald coach with at least 4 ACTIVE COACHES, reaching Success Club consistently and hosting your own challenge groups.

NOTE: Please DO NOT MOVE ON until you have completed Business Starter Academy. Everything builds on the next, so if you haven’t taken action on the tasks already presented to you, no big deal, but it’s time to go back and cover your tracks! If you want to build a successful business, you have to be coachable, willing to learn, take action and build a strong foundation.