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Everyone has areas in their home to declutter. This is the challenge that got me motivated to actually get it done!!

"We cleaned out our master bedroom, including our dressers, organized the kitchen cupboards, the laundry room and even the junk drawer! It feels so good to have organized and decluttered the space we live in.

I was so inspired by seeing other's progress pictures that I even managed to declutter my car!"

"After two years of wishing I had control of my kitchen, I have finally got it under control!! The best part was getting rid of items that have not been serving me in any for that time. It feels like I can breath again!!"

"When my wife approached me with this challenge (ok - told me we were doing it) and said the focus was the garage, I was highly skeptical but now that we are parking both vehicles INSIDE and I know where everything is, I am a huge fan!!

This is not a live challenge. You will be given access to a series resources, tips and tricks to assist in your decluttering!!

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