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Chantile E. 

Joy has been such an inspiring force in my life! I am truly better for having been blessed to cross paths with her! Physical strength and a positive body image are just two of the benefits of being in her group. She encourages one to dig deep and to not give up!

Cindy M.

Game Changing- Result Giving- Heart Transformation
I can’t even begin to say how much my physical body, my mental attitude, and my spiritual heart have changed and are filled by this coaching duo!
I feel like they are full of grace backed by grit!
I am challenged and encouraged by their commitment to a TRUE HEALTHY LIFESTYLE ❤️

Brad E.

Joy and Andrew are da bomb! My wife and I started our health journey with them summer of 2017 and we haven’t been the same since. 
Joy and Andrew both have a natural chemistry that inspire you in every interaction. We had the chance to meet up for lunch once in Dallas and it was like being with old friends. They are every bit as fun in person as they are online. 
They also are just “normal” people who understand the daily struggles and the major life challlenges, so you don’t have to feel alone in what you do. 
And responsive too!! There were times we had questions about things (Shakeology, workouts, etc) and we got answers so quickly! We know Joy is so busy, but it was encouraging that she was never too busy to help!
Can’t recommend them enough!


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