• Joy Bowen

Debi Williams, 2018 Diamond Coach

This girl just earned her DIAMOND PROMOTION TODAY!!!! 💎 Debi knows the value of hard work. She has excelled in her corporate climb and brings excellence and a lot of passion to her work. She gets stuff DONE! And let me tell you, she is equally as passionate and devoted about her family. So why would someone who works (a lot) of hours for a high paced corporate environment want to add one more thing to her plate? Her story. Her love for people. Her heart. When Debi learned of a new Mindset Makeover program this year, she immediately reached out and said "This is my story. I have to help people with this. I'm all in." And when Debi tells you she is "all in", you better stand back and watch a life on 🔥 🔥! She has such a deep passion to help people reach their full God given potential. She is an outstanding coach...! She works so hard to lead people to a happy, healthy life but it is a labor of love....100%! 💕 If you are a part of her Skinny Beaches tribe, you know you have something special in your life! And with that PASSION, she's crushed every business goal she's set for herself. She is a 2018 Success Starter -- earning a free ticket to our Annual Summit gathering and is currently in the running for an "All About August" CEO shout out award. It has been the COOLEST thing to see her confidence skyrocket over these past months! And for helping others and having her life set on 🔥🔥, she's earning some extra 💵 to have a little extra in the bank account a the end of the month. It's really not "why would she do that?!" The question really is, "Why the heck wouldn't she?!" I am so proud of you Debi. Happy Diamond Day!!! 💎

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