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6 Weeks of THE WORK Review - Here's everything you need to know!

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Beachbody and Amoila Cesar's 6 Weeks of THE WORK is a tough love approach to finding your inner elite athlete. Make no mistake, this is an advanced-level workout program created by athletic trainer Amoila Cesar. But it's not enough for you to want to do the work, you'll have to earn the right to do it. That's right....you'll have to pass the fitness test before you start so you can determine if this program is right for you.

If you feel that you are not ready for 6 Weeks of THE WORK, some of our other programs like Morning Meltdown 100, LIIFT 4, Shift Shop and Transform: 20, are great alternatives to prepare your body for this high intensity athletic training regimen.

So in case we haven't made this extremely clear, this program is extreme and only recommended for experienced exercisers (Drew is sooooo excited about this one). It also contains explicit language. (Don't worry, there will e a clean version!) So while it might not be a program for everyone, one thing is for sure -- it will be unlike anything else you've ever seen before!

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What is the Work?

A BeachBody on Demand exclusive, The Work combines hypertrophy, compound strength training, endurance, power, agility and mobility to transform your body. It also will challenge your mindset to help you push past your limiting beliefs.

Who is Amoila Cesar?

Amoila is strength and transformation specialist that trains NBA athletes and celebrities. He has trained individuals like DeMarcus Cousins, Mo Bamba, Colton Underwood of "The Bachelor", Jordan Clarkson, rapper 2 Chainz, Rome Flynn, Amber Stevens West, Shiva Safai and Jack Osbourne. He has now taken his work to us Amoila is bringing his gritty, tough-love training style and high-intensity workouts to Beachbody On Demand.

6 weeks of THE WORK will change you!

“You’re going to do exercises you never knew you were capable of doing. You might fall short the first time. But this program is for the ones who don’t accept failure. Some people just have ‘show muscles,’” Amoila says. “

They look good, but they can’t move well. With this program, you’re going to have both. You’ll be able to sprint down the yard to chase your dog or your daughter. You’ll be able to carry all the groceries inside without making multiple trips. 6 Weeks of THE WORK is going to help you with all aspects of your life.” -Amoila

What to expect in 6 weeks of THE WORK

Over six weeks, the focus will be on functional fitness, performing compound lifts, agility moves, and mobility exercises to help you build a stronger body and prepare you for real-life activities. We have only seen a sneak peek preview and heard from the trainer an overview of the program but we envision this as been a mashup of Shaun T's Insanity Max 30 + Shift Shop + a sprinkle of P90X.

It will bring out that inner athlete that you never knew that you had. You will develop a strong body and mental toughness that will transform your overall health and create the best version of yourself, while being pushed hard than you have ever been pushed before.

We love the fact that it's only 6 short weeks and the workouts are 20-45 minutes long! The program is equally appealing to men and women and everyone is going to love the total mind-body transformation in under 2 months!

Who will love Amoila Cesar & THE WORK?

Ready to level up your fitness? Then it's time to do the work! Get ready to gain muscle and drop body fat for the ultimate total-body transformation.

  • Experienced exercisers looking to increase their fitness.

  • Men and women looking to gain muscle and drop body fat.

  • Someone who gets bored easily with the same routines. (The Work is 36 unique workouts so no repeats!)

  • Anyone looking for an extreme at home workout in under an hour.

  • Someone looking for a gritty, tough love workout to unlock that next level inside of you!

What Equipment is Required for THE WORK

We are still waiting for the release of this information but we know you will, at least, need light, medium and heavy dumbbells, a floor mat and most likely resistance loops.

Is there a Modifier for THE WORK

There is no modifier offered and you should only attempt this workout after first completing (and passing) the Fit Test.

What will the nutrition plan look like for THE WORK

We believe the nutrition plan will be equally extreme to yield the extreme results of the workouts. We are guessing you are not going to see any cheat days on this one. But, we do anticipate that the general nutrition will be both the Ultimate Portion Fix and 2B Mindset friendly.

For an extreme workout program like this, we recommend following the Ultimate Portion Fix. Since the workouts are so intense, we also recommend the Performance line. Energize will be a must to power through the hard workouts! (Fruit Punch is the bomb but Andrew Loves to do 1 scoop of both lemon and fruit punch in his energize fix!)

Do You Really Need the Supplements?

Yes. We highly recommend Energize, Recover and Recharge to reduce muscle soreness. Many will also want to incorporate Creatine into their supplement routine for this one!

When does 6 Weeks of THE WORK release?

September 30! You can always start your Beachbody On Demand membership NOW to begin your prep training for THE WORK. (In fact, we highly recommend that!) Insanity Max 30 or Shift Shop would be excellent programs to build up for this one! You can also get your nutrition working for you NOW. This is not a program you want to "work on your before picture" for. You want to feel strong heading into the most extreme program of your life.

Not sure if 6 Weeks of THE WORK is right for you?

No problem! Just tell us you want to stay in the loop HERE.

What Should I know about Beachbody on Demand?

Beachbody on Demand is Beachbody's streaming website and app for over 1200 online workouts including Morning Meltdown 100, 80 Day Obsession, PiYo, LIIFT4 and so much more! You get access to it all with your membership-- workouts, meal plans, and calendars. Everything is downloadable on the app so you can take it with you when you travel -- just like a movie rental on your phone!

You can do a free 14 Day Trial RIGHT NOW!

After the 14 day trial, it will auto renew unless you cancel. It's $39 a quarter (or about $13 a month) until you cancel. Want the FREE TRIAL? Get it NOW!

Should you be a Beachbody Coach?

Beachbody coaches often get to preview workouts before anyone else! Coaches also receive a 25% discount as well as a 25% commission off of any orders placed through our website. We have no inventory (ever!), there is never a sales quota to hit.... and there is no binding contract. We have bee coaches since 2014 and we absolutely love it!

Want more Details on becoming a Beachbody Coach?

We would love to help you with any questions. We are a 3x Elite Beachbody team and everything you need to know about becoming a part of our team is in this short video. You can also email us at RisingPhoenixIntl@gmail.com

Join NOW and you can be a part of the Exclusive Coach Test Group for 6 weeks of THE WORK!

Now is the perfect time to get started! There is zero obligation - you can cancel anytime. But you'll have all the inside scoop and, if you do the WORK, you'll have rocking results to inspire others to get started too.

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