• Joy Bowen

How I Ditched the "I'm too Busy" Excuse

There I was, standing in my closet trying to figure out why my body that had betrayed me. I hated every single piece of clothing I was staring at because none of it fit well or made me feel confident and beautiful.

If I am really honest, I had to take responsibility for where I was because I had spent years making excuses about not having time (or desire) to move my body consistently or limit my trips to Taco Bell. If I'm honest, I had lost myself because I am a work-a-holic and choosing work seemed more noble and fun than breaking a sweat. I gave my time away to everything and everyone else except for my personal health.

At 41 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. That journey left me feeling like an alien in my skin and that day in my closet became my day of reckoning. I had a choice to make — go shopping for bigger sizes or do something to regain my confidence and strength. I decided to draw a line in the sand to make the time for me. I had to find my confident strong self again.

Not knowing where to begin, I reached out to a friend for some guidance and she referred me to a on demand workout strategy and simple nutrition plan that took all my time excuses away. The accountability & community literally changed my life and gave me the plan that would work with my crazy schedule so that I could change my LIFEstyle....not just finish a "diet”….and I fell in love with the community. The nutrition was so simple and sustainable!! I didn’t feel deprived or hungry…. I knew this was my “forever fit” solution.

And instead of being "too busy", I got super consistent...because when you can do things that adapt to your schedule, you can get really good at being consistent! And because I was now a consistency ROCKSTAR, I got the best results of my lifetime.

So I completely understand it when I hear this almost on the daily from people who genuinely WANT to make a change:

“I would love to do this with you but I am SO busy, I can’t add one thing onto my plate. I know I need to take better care of myself but I just can't.”

That was 100% my excuse too.

But I know that time is your super power. We make time for what is important... we don't find time.

And when you keep things simple, accessible and fun, it takes less time to get things done.... and a nice byproduct of your healthy choices is that you are more productive in your work... and (bonus) you will put the odds in your favor for MORE time with the people you love because you are strong and healthy and full of energy.

Let me tell you our current situation…

We are so blessed but let me be honest.... we are BUSY. Andrew is gone 80% of the most work weeks, college student, high school student.... club sports team.... we have all the things on the calendar, just like you.... BUT we committed to a 6-week test group for a fitness program and it’s THE BEST decision we could have made in this busy season. It's kept us focused, energized and excited about how we are progressing mentally, physically and spiritually.

I had to ditch the "I'm too busy" excuse .... and now I'm going to challenge you to do the same. Really, it's the adult equivalent of "the dog ate my homework" so why don't we just find the right first step for you. The decision is to start.

So, today, I wanted to throw out some options for those of you who are running in that rat race and really want to FEEL BETTER –> This is scalable for every budget. So really you have no excuse NOT to take action. YOU are your most important asset in a busy life. If stress takes you out…everything crumbles.

I’ve arranged these options from Greatest –> Good as far as the tools it has to offer.

Quick breakdown of what the following items mean:

  • Virtual Gym Membership: What I’ve used for 5+ years from my living room/backyard to get in the best shape of my life. Workouts are as short as 10 minutes if you need them to be and include hundreds of different TRAINER-CREATED programs to get you results.

  • Wellness Formula/Shakeology: HUGE for busy people as it contains 5 formulas to boost your energy and stress resiliency (And backed by Science):

  1. Clean Protein Blend

  2. Phytonutrient/Supergreen Formula

  3. Antioxidant/Superfruit Formula

  4. Adaptogens/Stress/Hormonal Support

  5. Digestive Support: Probiotics, prebiotics & enzymes

  • Liquid Motivation: AKA Energize. This is a plant-based “pre-workout”/ “Pre-laundry” supplement (HA!). Tastes amazing! Comes in lemon or fruit punch with no artificial crap of any kind. Backed by science to increase your performance and decrease your perception of effort #winning.

  • Nutrition Plan: This is NOT a starvation diet. Those cause your metabolism to crash. You’ll get a nutrition plan customizable to your goals and starting point to teach you how to eat the right amount of portions to maximize your energy and metabolism. Simple. Easy. Peasy.

  • Support: I do this for a living, my friend, so you get me (and Andrew) as your COACHING team! That means I’m here for you to ask questions to, rely on for support, ask for accountability and lucky for you I have an extensive background in all things health and wellness and I’m an open book when it comes to helping my clients 😉 .


(I’ll need your Name & Email 😉)