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Take the Freaking Picture

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

“If I end up losing to cancer – please make sure that you use a pretty picture of me at my memorial service and not one from the middle of the battle.”

That’s what Joy leaned over and whispered to me this afternoon as we attended the memorial service of yet another friend who battled hard but still was taken too young. And after hearing it, I could not help but put Joy’s face on every picture from that point forward.

I saw her with her kids.

I saw her with her friends.

I saw her strong.

I saw her weak.

I saw her everywhere……..I saw her.

Then as I am on the verge of tears, about half way through the rotation of pictures that was the highlight of the memorial service, Joy leaned over to me and said;

“They didn’t have a complete family shot”

We both watched through tears, image after image of an absolute fighter.....in all stages of the fight.....and my inner voice kept shouting at me

“Take the Freaking Picture”

Although admittedly, I am giving you the PG version of what was really going through my head.

And please don't think it is lost on me that we take a lot of pictures. When you build a business on social media, it is pretty much a part of the job. But if I am being honest, that is the way I have been viewing it.

Part of the job. A necessary ‘evil’.

“Take the freaking picture (already)” – that is the way it normally comes out of my mouth. Can I please be done and get on to the next thing?

Today put it in a whole new light for me. We all need to take the Freaking Picture.

Take it to remember.

Take it to celebrate.

Take it for your family.

Take so many your friends and family have a hard time choosing which ones to highlight at your


So yeah, we take a lot of pictures. After today, I think you should too and if we have the chance to get together in person, you can expect us to want to get one with you!!

Stay strong and live well friends.

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