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Why we take Collagen every day

You have probably already heard about the benefits of Collagen as it relates to your hair, nails and skin. Especially since just about every skin care product out there is bombarding us with ads promoting their ‘Collagen infused’ lotion, cream or whatever. It is basically in our face everywhere.

Joy and I have been on the Collagen bandwagon for a while now, mixing it in our coffee every morning. I thought I would take some time to share with all of you why we made it a key part of our routine.

Yes, it really does improve hair, nail and skin health. In fact, a study published in The Journal of Skin Pharmacology and Physiology, showed that women between 45-65 years old who consumed 2.5g of Collagen daily for 8 weeks saw a 20% decrease in wrinkles. Yes, scientist actually measured women’s wrinkles but let’s not lose sight of the fact there was a 20% DECREASE!! That’s huge.

Now while having taut, wrinkle free skin is great, that is a very small part of why we consume Collagen daily. I want to focus on the other amazing effects exogenous collagen can deliver to the body. (For those who might not be as in to super long sciency words as Drew is, Exogenous is when you ingest them in your body vs. naturally producing it…..he likes to pretend he is really smart). Let’s look at my top 6 reasons not related to wrinkles and flowing locks to add collagen to your routine.


The enemy of your joints (and the rest of your body really) is inflammation. When you take in exogenous Collagen it tends to accumulate in the joints, which actually directs the body to release more of the natural Collagen you already produce and send it to, you guessed it, your joints. This promotes healing and directly fights the inflammation and leads to improved joint health.

The best part? This is a closed loop cycle that actually improves itself. Meaning your body starts becoming better at producing Collagen when you consistently put exogenous Collagen into the system. It is called the pro-collagen Type 1 feedback loop.


So hang on to your hats for this one, it is so cool. The British Journal of Nutrition published a study that focused on a group of men in their 50’s who showed the clinical signs of Sarcopenia (age related atrophy of muscles). Half of the group the gave a daily dose of 2.5g of Collagen and the other half got a placebo. Get this, the group that got the Collagen saw both a loss of fat as well as an increase in non-fat body mass!!! In other words, A BUNCH OF DUDES IN THEIR FIFTIES WERE ABLE TO LOSE FAT AND PUT ON MUSCLE SIMULTANEOUSLY!!! That is huge y’all.

In a separate study, it was discovered that for athletes with muscle tears and other severe muscular injuries that their bodies flooded the injured locations with Collagen Type III during the first 3 weeks of healing. Clearly the body wants to put it to use in areas needing to recover.


So this was one I was not expecting. One of the reasons Collagen is so good for us is it is super rich in Glycine – an amino acid that is critical in a whole bunch of our body’s functions. One of the things Glycine is critical for is our body’s ability to regulate temperature, particularly to the cooler side. Since part of the process of falling asleep is the lowering of your core body temperature (the whole reason sleep experts recommend turning the temp down at night), the influx of Glycine helps facilitate that process more effectively. Ultimately letting you get to sleep faster.


We all have estrogen in our systems and we all need it (yes, you too dudes…..just not as much). Where we run in to trouble is when are estrogen levels are elevated relative to our baseline. The body’s natural way to deal with this is to synthesize it in to other compounds in the body. Collagen makes this process more effective by modulating the estrogen receptors in your tissues. This tells the body to start processing estrogen rather than letting free float through your blood stream.

Special note – one of the things that free-flowing estrogen is really good at is holding on to water. Four molecules of water for every molecule of estrogen to be specific. Estrogen is obviously a significant factor in regulating a woman’s monthly cycle and why women also feel so bloated leading up to their period. Improving the process of synthesizing estrogen means -> less free estrogen means -> less water retention.

OK, these next two absolutely blew my mind when I heard about them. Seriously – MIND BLOWING


So if you did not know it, your liver is responsible for processing pretty much all of the fat that you ingest. In order to accomplish that feat, the fat has to become emulsified (stick with me….you made it this far) and the way the body accomplishes that is through the Bile in your gut. Guess what is great at stimulating bile production…..you guessed it….Collagen…..well actually it is glycine but we already talked about what a great source of glycine collagen is. The better the bile production, the better the emulsification, the more efficient the liver. Benefit #1.

However, the one that is going to blow your mind is this one. A study published by Columbia University, showed that Collagen Type I was able to help modulate inflammation in the liver, primarily created from the use of alcohol. It has actually been clinically shown in lab animals to disrupt the Tumor Necrosis Factor One Alpha Pathway. In layman’s terms, it can help prevent the early damage that alcohol does to the liver.

Now I am not advocating for over indulging but there is evidence that if you do, consuming collagen will provide a limited protective effect.


So I saved the best for last. If you have a family history of Dementia, Alzheimer’s or just care about taking care of your noggin, pay attention. Scientists know that the mechanism of these diseases is when beta-amaloid plaque forms between neurons and disrupts the neurons from firing correctly. One of the ways the body uses Collagen is to provide a type of barrier around the neurons which prevents the plaque from ever settling in on the neuron receptors to begin with. It is like giving each of your neuron’s their own little helmet. So cool.

So there you have it. The six reasons I make sure that Collagen is in our coffee every morning above and beyond the fact that it will make your skin, hair and nails look great. Want to know more about Collagen or where to get it? Just hit us up with a comment or reply and we would be happy to connect with you directly.

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