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The Problem is NOT Your Will Power

We talk to so many people every day who beat themselves up about starting and stopping fitness programs and diets. So many of them tell us they just have no will power. Everyone seems to think that if they could just tap into this magical will power thing, they’d be able to stick to a program, and the weight would just fall off. We’re here today to tell you- the problem is not your will power.

There is a very real thing called the “diet cycle.” Now before we go any further, you should know...

Warning! This information may lead to....

* Improvements in physique

* Increased joy

* New opportunities

* A multitude of health benefits

* Renewed energy and optimism

* New friendships

* A life beyond what you’ve ever imagined

* Increased confidence in all areas of your life.

It's true. We'll get to all that in a minute but first.....

Turns out, there’s a very real thing called the “diet cycle.”

Here’s something that will blow your mind: Only 12% of Americans are eating enough fruits, and 9% are eating enough vegetables. I think it’s safe to say, we are not eating the right foods. And when we don’t eat the right foods, we put our bodies in a state of nutrient deficiency. When your body is in a state of nutrient deficiency, your brain is constantly nagging it to eat. When we’re on an exercise and nutrition program, we cut calories from our diets. Since we’re exercising, we’re asking our bodies to do more with less calories, and that’s when our bodies start screaming for more food. The problem is, our bodies aren’t so discerning. If we need zinc, for example, our body just sends a signal to the brain that says, “go eat.” It doesn’t say, “go eat foods rich in zinc.” When our bodies are constantly nagging us for food, it becomes very difficult to ignore over time. That’s right about the time most people give up on the program and go all in on the junk food and wine… and that’s the diet cycle. Bottom line- it’s about your gut health, not about your will power.

When you are connected to our community, we help you seek and destroy these myths and little lies that have held you back. We empower you to have the right strategy to ditch the diet forever and live a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a plan that will keep you feeling full and satisfied, but get you results, reach out! You have no idea the ripple effect that can happen when you just take that first step!

When I said “yes!” to what seemed like a random impulse to fit into my jeans again, I had no idea that my life would be set on a trajectory that would create a life of greater financial security and opportunity…among so many other good things!

You know what else? The relationships formed within our fitness community has been invaluable. Surrounding yourself with passionate, elevated people who get it and get you changes everything. We are all wired for connection and make life change through relationships with others who are moving in the same direction. Immersing yourself in relationships with amazing people leads to amazing opportunities, amazing support, and so much more.

No more blaming your will power. Find your tribe, get your plan in place and focus on progress, grace and your mindset!

Our prayer is that you would make 2020 about your BEST YES -- which is living the best version of you possible. We would love to help you become a #VirtualGymGirl or #VirtualGymGuy with us so connect with us today! Love you guys! Joy and Andrew

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