Have you ever thought about building a business that was

based on health and fitness? ...No? .......Me either

For years I consulted other leaders in their day job – focusing on content, performance, programming, communication…but never once did I give much thought to how they were leading themselves physically or how I was leading myself for that matter!

And my friend kept bugging me about coaching. I kept saying no. I threw away samples… I thought I knew it all…. In fact for SEVEN years I said, “No thank you. That’s not for me.”

And then I got the news that would change everything for me: cancer. My cancer diagnosis was a wake up call on so many levels. I decided to change my priorities, I FINALLY joined a Beachbody challenge, and decided to focus on my health more….

And just like that, my heart became broken for all the leaders I had worked with over the years who were giving EVERYTHING (including their health) to their work instead of allowing work to come from an overflow of healthy life.

So I started coaching others to make healthy changes too. I realized that leadership can’t exist without health. How much good can you do as a leader if you are sick, right? Now I can help people thousands of miles away…probably even better than I can in person!

A leader doesn’t have it all figured out. A leader simply goes first.

  • I knew nothing about creating a following.

  • I knew nothing about social media.

  • I was in the worst shape of my life.

  • I had just been diagnosed with CANCER.

None of that mattered. I was on a mission to be strong and health and take as many people with me as possible. I was willing to learn. I was willing to share my story. I was driven to make an impact.

We genuinely help people with honest nutrition, proven fitness, peer support and one to one accountability! We now have a team of coaches who lead with faith and can run their business from a smart phone anytime, anywhere!

Please don’t build someone else’s dream at the expense of your health…build YOUR dream! No inventory, no rent,

no “I HAVE TO physically show up every dang day to get paid.” Do it for your family…get your time back! This has doubled my previous consulting income, allowed me to quit that day job, it has created a new legacy for my 2 boys, and allows my hubby and I to travel to amazing destinations like old fogies.

If you resonate with any of that – wanting to have more purpose, better health, more opportunity, then fill out the application below and let’s talk!  We’ll get you connected to a behind the scenes coaching sneak peek where you’ll learn how I went from a little hour around my kitchen table to quitting my full time job and helping hundreds of people….and how YOU can do the same thing if you are willing to go for it.

Required Income Disclaimer:

“Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located in the Coach Online Office for the most recent information on our Coaches’ actual incomes.”

rising phoenix international

We rise by lifting others.

We believe in healthy habits.

We are confident in our abilities.

We believe in hard work & true grit.

We are determined to discover

our personal potential.

We overcome obstacles.

We strive to rise up to the purpose

for which we have been created.

We believe in taking action.

We know the power

of accountability.


We thrive with

personal development.

We do the hard things.

We are a community of warriors

who look after each other.

We each set the bar high

so others will level up

to their potential.


We are

Rising Phoenix International.

rising phoenix 


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