shakeology cookie dough

Hands down this is the #1 most requested recipe I have ever come up with.  The fact that it a) travels well b) is super simple c) is completely Keto & Paleo friendly and d) JUST TASTES AWESOME makes this a winner all the way around!!

Prep Time:                 2 minutes

Cook Time:                0 minutes

Total Time:                 2 minutes

Serves:                        1


1 Scoop (or packet) of Shakeology

1 Tbsp    Nut Butter

1 Tbsp    Unrefined Coconut Oil

1 Tbsp    Cocoa Nibs

1/4 cup  Water


1.  Know that there is no way to really mess this one up and there are 

     a ton of variations.

2.  In a small bowl add your favorite Shakeology flavor and water and

     mix thoroughly (Joy & I both think that Vegan Vanilla is the hands

     down winner for this recipe but I have used everything but

     Greenberry with success here)

3.  To this mixture add Nut Butter (Joy prefers Peanut Butter but when

     Drew is going Keto, the Almond butter has 1 less carb)

4.  Add Cocunut Oil (if practicing Keto, add a second tablespoon to 

     boost the fat content)

5.  Thoroughly mix the ingredients until they form a cookie dough


6.  Add Cocoa Nibs and mix again (Drew totally skips this when he is

     on the road)

7.  Enjoy!!

Shakeology Cookie Dough.png