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Personal Coaching Call

We invite you to claim an exclusive online offer for a FREE Personal Coaching Call. After the call, we'll custom build a 3-Pronged Plan to help you achieve your health and fitness goals...all in about an hour. ($160 FREE - very limited time offer)


We get it.  Fitness and nutrition can feel intimidating.....even to active people.  The key to success is to have a plan but not one so complicated that success feels out of reach.  It really can be as simple as following a proven path for improved health and wellness.


An effective plan has three key layers that deliver results 1) a tailored exercise plan 2) simple nutrition and 3) real community.  This is the exact same process we personally used to rebuild after Breast Cancer, recover from Atrial Flutter and survive 20 years of business travel. Now we share it with others, and help them succeed and reach their health and wellness goals.


And the Personal Coaching Session is where the process begins!!

The Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Session

In this valuable session you will discover.....


The Right Workout for You

Whether your just getting started or a certified gym rat, we have programs for all levels of fitness ability.

A Nutrition Plan That Fits Your Lifestyle

Food should not feel restrictive.  We'll discuss several options and determine what fits your lifestyle best and will get you to your goals


A Community of Support

You're not in this alone, our online community is there to lift you up with things get hard and celebrate every milestone with you along the way.

You'll Learn The Same Real Life Strategies We U

Used To Help Our Clients Achieve Results Like....

Chris Lost Over 100 lbs

Chris made one simple change to his diet and committed to move daily......that daily discipline has led to over 100 lbs gone.


Not every story is as dramatic as his but his is really a story of perseverance and commitment to the process.  Don't take it from us, listen to his words.


"My all time high was just under 500 lbs. But towards the end of 2017 I decided I wanted to work harder on losing weight. My job goes past full time, sometimes way past. So it would mean dedicated focus. I called Joy Bowen because I was going to start boxing and I wanted some additional nutritional changes. That’s when I started, in early 2018, drinking my daily shake..... 


I’ve kept more than 40 lbs off for more than a pair of years and I’m getting ready to move the milestone marker to a new low in the next few days. Can’t wait!"


"The main reason I’m writing is to highlight how amazing it feels to have Joy and Andrew as long time friends (now 10 years). They’re low pressure, high encouragement friends who have supported me on this journey....... "

Kristen gained her confidence back!!

As a busy mom with a full time 9 - 5 (who are we kidding?  More like 5 - 9!!), Kristen was ready to make her own health and wellness a priority again


By applying her work ethic to our proven process, she was able to drop several dress sizes, regain her lost confidence and is an active member of the community.   


This cheer mom is always quick to recognize the success of others and celebrate the success of others.


From Couch Potatoes to Triathletes - We Help Them All

Peep this... 


It's not always about dramatic weight loss though.  We are fortunate enough to call athletes from all walks of life our partners as well.  


Just check out Daniel.  This girl dad and PHENOMENAL dancer wanted to get his physique back.

Or Tiffany, who loves her triathlons.

She came to us looking to gain a few pounds of muscle before the big race day.


Not only did she accomplish her goal of gaining muscle but she also completed her first Iron Man.


But Like We Said - We Are Our Own Clients Too


When Drew got serious about Martial Arts and started to prepare for his Black Belt test, he knew he had to up his fitness game.  Fifteen years of living out of hotels and eating in airports had taken it's toll (the 'before' pic is actually after he had already lost 25 lbs!!).


He knew if he did not get in the best shape of his life, the test was going to kill him....little did we know how true that thought actually was.  He suffered an Atrial Flutter during his test that almost cost him his life.


Since then he has been passionate about helping others find their strong.  He firmly believes that the mind is the most important thing we work everyday and mindset needs to be worked as hard as any muscle group.  That showed though as a ShiftShop Test Group member - the program that delivered the results you see to the right.

Can something good come out of a cancer diagnosis?

Our answer is a resounding 'YES!!'


Now while we would not wish the diagnosis on anyone, it did light a fire in Joy that shines bright for all to warm against it's glow.  It forced her to come to the hard place that so many of us do.....Where we are forced to ask;


"Is this it?  Is it all downhill from here?"  


The pic on the left was on the first day of her health and fitness recovery.  Back when she "felt like an alien" in her own skin fresh off of a double mastectomy and full reconstruction.

The pic on the right was on the night she was recognized as a 5-Time Elite Coach.  


"This" is not it.  You were made for so much more.

We hope to help you find more.


Claim Your Free Coaching Session While You Can...

We invite you to claim your Coaching Session where we'll put together a game plan centered around our three pillars to success tailored just for you. This is the same process leveraged by thousands of others to achieve success.

Just some of what you'll get on the 60-minute Coaching Session:

- Identify the workout program that will work best for your body and your goals

- Identify the nutrition plan that best meets your lifestyle and will put you on a path to success.

- Get plugged in to a community of like minded people who are willing to put their own health and wellness first.

- ....and much more!

Note:  This will be your only opportunity to access this type of Coaching Session for no fee.  Don't delay..

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Jennifer Bourn,

Bourn Creative

I really like their reality-based approach to health and wellness. Fitting in fitness and healthy eating around running my business has always been difficult but Joy and Drew share solid strategies that make sense.

Brad English.webp

Brad English,

Senior Sales Enablement Manager

Joy and Andrew both have a natural chemistry that inspire you in every interaction. They also are just “normal” people who understand the daily struggles and the major life challenges, so you don’t have to feel alone in what you do. I can’t recommend them enough!

Cindy Metcalf.webp

Cindy Metcalf,

Flight Attendant

I can’t even begin to say how much my physical body, my mental attitude, and my spiritual heart have changed and are filled by this coaching duo!  I feel like they are full of grace backed by grit!

I am challenged and encouraged by their commitment to a TRUE HEALTHY LIFESTYLE

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