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Imagine Your Life A Year From Now!




A Health Brand Partner:  someone who makes an impact in the lives of others by sharing their own journey, (nutrition + fitness + mindset + overall health), AND connects others with solutions to achieve their goals together! 

Do you have a deep desire for "more" in your life?

Looking for a virtual career that is fulfilling, potentially lucrative and brings a community of good people into your life?

Partnering with BODi is the SMARTEST way to launch your own business with the power of top global brand in health & wellness!

The only requirements for THIS job are to be a good human, work hard, be teachable and care about others.

The work we do is extremely fulfilling, in high demand, and you are in complete control of your schedule.

Even though we’re all from different backgrounds, educational levels, life circumstances, personalities, shapes, sizes, and ages- we’re UNITED in our mission to help as many people as possible live healthy & fulfilling lives.

It would be an honor to welcome you to our incredible squad of big achievers and difference makers!


Hi! I'm a mom of 2 boys....wife to the most amazing man who travels extensively for his work and we are soon to be empty nesters! You have landed on this page because someone believes in you!

I know first hand how it feels to work really hard but still struggle financially.  For over a decade, I worked in the non-profit space because I believed in the mission of what we were doing and wanted to make a big impact with my life.


But there was just one problem.... working in the non-profit space turned us into a non-profit family.


Thankfully, I discovered a way to finally be paid my worth AND make an even bigger impact with my hustle....and I did it without quitting my day job.


I can't wait to share with you what helped me find more energy, purpose and confidence than ever before. Our team leaders will share with you have helped us all take control of our future and start living in abundance instead of scarcity.  And it can all help you do the same!

You CAN create a life that works for you and your family! Our team is here to mentor and guide you through the process of working on your own health journey while fulfilling your greater purpose in life!  

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Meet the leaders who are paving the way for you to create the future you want.

No matter who is featured this month on our webinar, you are guaranteed to learn from the best of the best in the business.

Here, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.  

We value staying teachable, hungry for something more than the status quo, and working together.

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As a military wife, your life and where you live is constantly changing.  Lauren longed to find herself through the chaos.  Coaching gave her stability, community, and her personal health.  She's able to use and share her imperfect journey and use her. gifts to help other women in her same situation.



As a breast cancer survivor, Joy desired for her work to have meaning.  She worked in the nonprofit world for 10 years but struggled financially.  Through Coaching, she found that she could be paid her worth and make an even bigger impact with her hustle.  Coaching has helped her find more energy,  purpose and confidence! 

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Working over 100 hours a week as a lawyer, Cori was nervous about how she was going to raise her baby on the way.  Health & fitness had always been a passion so becoming a coach was a natural fit.  She was able to work in the cracks of time as a new mom to build a business that would eventurally contribute to her family financially and pay off law school debt

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As a favor to a friend, Julie signed up to be a coach for the discount.  After falling in love with the products, she decided to start helping others feel as great as she felt.  The business, which she calls "a gift", has allowed her the opportunity to work from home, earn a great income and help others in a significant way.

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Stephanie loved being a stay at home mom but desired something for herself, apart from wiping snotty noses and doing laundry.  She was tired of feeling strapped financially.  Through Beachbody programs and helping others with their health, she found what she was looking for.  She was finally happier physically, emotionally and financially while still keeping her family a priority.

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Over $10,000 in medical debt, Melissa was desperate to find a way to pay it off.  She and her husband were offered the opportunity to be Founding Coaches for Beachbody after her husband's success with P90X.  They worked hard on their own health journey while helping others with theirs.  Their business eventually paid off their debt and moved on to create financial freedom.

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Being a coach was everything Amber never knew she needed.  Originally she wanted to leave the classroom to stay home with her two boys and take care of her own health.  Once that was achieved through the business, it evolved into allowing her to walk through some hard life experiences.  Because of this business and what she's learned, she's been able to walk in freedom in all areas of her life while helping other women do the same.

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Mandy found herself over-worked, overtired, overwhelmed and despite making decent money in her corporate job, over her head in debt.  After losing almost 90 pounds, she joined Beachbody for the discount and eventually started helping people on the side with their health goals too.  Two years later, she was laid off from her corporate job but able to transition to full time Coach because of the success she found helping others through her own journey.

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