4 Steps To Take Before New Year’s Day

There is something that I love about this week where we are wrapping up the holidays, tying up loose ends that are lingering after a long, and at times exhausting year, and launching into a clean slate.

This week offers time to reflect and celebrate our accomplishments, and also provides an opportunity to restart in the new year and go forward with purpose.

It is entirely up to you where you go from here. But if you want to go somewhere great, then there’s some introspective work to be done this week.


When we reflect on the past, our default is to list all the things that we didn’t achieve. We fall into this vicious comparison trap where we see people who are further along than where we think we should be and list out all the reasons why we suck.

Carve out some time this week to gain some perspective on this past year. Flip the script.

What did you accomplish this year? What are 5 achievements that you feel a deep sense of gratitude for? Find the good and write it down. It doesn’t matter if you missed a few goals….. You moved forward. The reality is, you are further along than you think! Set the timer for 10 minutes and write them down.

GET HONEST – 5 minutes

Now that we have an attitude of gratitude, let’s get honest. What do you think is really holding you back from the next level? Why? Is it your lack of time management?

I want you to set the timer for 5 minutes and literally write down why you aren’t playing at your level 10 right now.

Once you do that, what’s one area of personal growth that will make all the difference in this new year? Is it Time Management? Confidence? Procrastination? It’s time to focus your next book read, audible or podcast consumption on the area that you know will have the biggest impact on your goals moving forward. Don’t wait for January first to dive into an area you need to improve…. start reading or listening on that topic now!


Now it’s time to create some goals for the new year. What are THREE goals you would love to achieve in each of these areas of your life and how will these goals ultimately make life better for you and your family?

FAITH – How do you want to grow spiritually this year? Which of these 3 is the most important goal for you?

FAMILY – What changes or goals do you want to make with your family? Which of these 3 is the most important goal for you?

FITNESS – Even though we are talking about fitness, we really mean your overall health. What are 3 things you would like to achieve in this area in 2022? Which of these 3 is the most important goal for you?

FINANCES – How do you want to strengthen or build your finances this year? Maybe you want a savings account for the first time in your life…. or maybe you want to pay off debt? Which of these 3 is the most important goal for you?

PHILANTHROPY – How do you want to practice generosity toward others this year? What are 3 ways you feel led to be generous? Which of those 3 is the most important goal for you?

Andrew and I are actually going on a specific “goal setting” date night before New Year’s Eve to talk about these areas of our lives together and get on the same page. How fun is that?! Grab your bestie or your significant other and share these goals together!


Listen, you can go at this alone or you can shortcut a lot of this by implementing a plan. Whether that plan is knowledge you apply from a book you read or finding a mentor to guide you through becoming the best version of yourself, there are experts out there who can help you achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Speaking of finding a mentor, here are 3 ways you can work with me in 2022:

SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY: Our Warrior Nation Virtual Gym

This virtual gym is the secret sauce to staying the course on your health. We work on holistic health….fitness, nutrition, and a little bit of mindset. We focus on how to feel your best, most energetic self. If you are ready, I will connect you with the tools and solutions I’ve used for over 7 years in the midst of crazy busy life to stay on track and create simple habits. This proven system will help you ditch the diet mentality and embrace a healthy lifestyle. You can book a discovery call to talk through your goals or check out our most popular ways to get started HERE.

FOR THE NEXT LEVEL: Become a Coach on our team!

This is just one step further than our virtual gym. As a Coach on our team, I will be your mentor, building a business in partnership with Beachbody to help others while you help yourself. I’m your business mentor as well as your wellness coach and you’re also a lifetime member in our virtual gym! We work on your journey, your results and your mindset. This is when we dig DEEP into mindset growth. This is for those who want to live a healthy life and you want to build a business helping other people do the same.

I am actively looking for the next group of leaders to mentor on my team. If you are someone who would love to get healthier, already loves a healthy lifestyle, wants to prioritize working out, eating well and are open to sharing your story on social media to be a light and lift up others….. If you would love a way to make extra income — even if it’s alongside a full time career or in the mom cracks of your day — then we should connect about whether our team is the right fit for you!

If you want to work with me closely….to become a better parent and a more empowered human being, that is literally what we do every single day. LINK HERE for more information.

GRAB one of our free resources.

Look, we are in the middle of getting ready for a pretty major move so we are in massive declutter mode. We have a ton of “covid purchases” that really aren’t serving us. I mean, some would say they were impulse buys…. yep, that’s probably right. We put a declutter guide together for you to help you get through a strategic purge. Download it for free here

Want to dive deeper into your 2022 goal setting? We have a free goal setting guide ready for you to download for free HERE. Leverage this week well with some solid work on where you will go in 2022!

As always, we are here for you to help you become the best version of you! Cheers to rocking in an amazing New Year!

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