Over 7 years ago, at my lowest (and weakest) point of my life…. I decided to stop waiting for permission or promotion and just create the life I wanted to live.

I decided to go against the norm and follow my inspiration.

But let me be perfectly honest. It’s not like I started this journey and knew what I was doing. ha! I knew NOTHING. I was skeptical…. full of fear of failure…. and uncertain if it would be the right decision ultimately.

I was so skeptical that I called our partner company and chewed them out for sending me a “success gift” because I assumed they were billing me for something I didn’t order or want to pay for.

“Um, ma’am, that’s a FREE GIFT for doing a good job.” Oh, really? You do that? Sorry, I thought you were scamming me. ???? (I ate a lot of humble pie that day.)

Oh how I wish I could have given this photo to the person I was 8 years ago…. “look what’s ahead…. it’s worth fighting for! Just keep moving FORWARD!”

Can I be honest? I really just wanted to help one person. That’s it. I thought if I could help one person reduce cancer risk, boost their confidence, re-energize their marriage….that would be worth it. That’s it. Small dreams.

Now, I can’t stop dreaming.

Oh it’s required real work. It hasn’t always been easy. But it’s been do-able….and there is a crazy amount of joy and happiness when you are reaching your full potential in life. I am so in love with the company we are partnered with — the passion, hard work and integrity.

It’s a movement of social justice to redefine HEALTH CARE by taking CARE of our HEALTH.

I’m so in love with the life change in ME — being confident of WHO I AM and even more so thankful for who I’m becoming. I’m so in love with our TEAM…. who we are taking straight to the top!! I’m so in love with people on this journey with us and every message I receive celebrating VICTORY in taking back their health!

Just. So. Grateful.

Someone told me the other week that they were thinking about part time coaching too….

“I can’t help but wonder if I’m missing out?!”

I can’t answer that for everyone else. But perhaps this is the best question you can ask yourself….

What do you want your life to look like 7 years from now? If you continue doing what you are currently doing, will that become a reality?

You might need to change some things…try something new….link arms with someone who is going where you want to go….. because you deserve to reach your God given potential…. I pray you find the 5 seconds of courage to draw your line in the and and JUST START……there is a great work to be done in and through you.

Apply for our coach mentorship TODAY and get started on following your inspiration for a better life.

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