What You Need To Know About The 21 Day Fix Super Block

The 21 Day Fix Super Block from Autumn Calabrese will be released on BODi this April 2023! As I BOD Cast member, I have been involved in filming every workout of this super block and here’s what I will tell you…..

I love this program!

Here’s what you can expect from the 21 Day Fix Super Block and how to make sure you have access to it!


The 21 Day Fix Super Block is brand new release from BODi. A Super Block is a remake of a favorite Beachbody program, with all new moves, new motivation and hit music that you would hear on the radio vs the royalty free music you might remember from the original.


The 21 Day Fix Super Block is going to feel like a whole new program to 21 Day Fix fans but with the same beloved format of 1 minute intervals for each exercise! And yes, Kat (the Modifier) is back!!


The workouts are similar to 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Real Time. The moves are new, but the structure repeats over 3 weeks so you know what to expect.

She’s designed it so you’ll make progress each week as you gain confidence, push harder, increase your weights, and get stronger day by day.

If you’ve worked out with Autumn before, you know that she’s going to bring the heat — and the fun.

She’s dialed in the right combo of resistance training and cardio and added her signature motivation and tough love to push you to reach your goals, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve worked out for years.

Don’t worry if you’ve never done a workout with Autumn. She makes sure this Super Block will work for you. Every workout has a modifier, so no matter your fitness level you can follow along and feel great.

I finished every workout feeling like my mind and my body got a great workout which fueled my mindset and energy for the entire day. You’re gonna love it!

Here are a few highlights of what makes this Super Block so SUPER!

  1. All the moves in the new Super Block are completely different. The format is the same (1 minute moves, 30 second rest, 2 sets). They’re still simple moves that can be modified for beginners, but they’re brand new (and amazing!).

  2. 21 Day Fix Super Block has 17 total workouts – 5 workouts/week plus 2 “Up” week workouts . You will repeat the moves in each workout (for example Upper Fix has the same moves week 1, week 2 and week 3 but Autumn’s motivation and content is different each week). The original had 21 workouts – 7 per week, repeated (same EXACT workout replayed again).

  3. The new super block doesn’t have pilates or yoga. Autumn encourages you to do these on the weekend if you need more or want an active recovery.

  4. Both workout programs include a bonus ab workout, but in the 21 Day Fix Super Block the workout is 5 minutes (a BODI “5er”)

  5. The new 21 Day fix Super block is on BODI – all workouts on BODi are set to hit music. Autumn created a new playlist for EVERY workout and is very thoughtful when choosing the vibe in comparison to what she’ll be talking about that day.

  6. There are 3 Cycle rides with the Super Block that you can swap for any cardio day or use during your UP week.


Now Beachbody has changed it’s name to BODi, the message has taken a positive shift to be more focused on “Health Esteem” instead of just physical results.

As such, Autumn is a different trainer in this Super Block. Yes, Autumn’s signature format coupled with the portion fix eating plan will transform you physically, but in these sessions, she encourages you to love yourself for who you are right now while loving the person you are becoming.

You will hear motivation, personal stories from Autumn and mindset shifts that are truly foundational for lifestyle change to happen. It is Autumn at her very best and that’s saying a lot considering how many lives she has impacted over the years.

Think of this as getting a great workout done, in a club, with the best DJ playlist, with your besties….but also feeling like you just completed a course in personal growth and development. It really is high energy and so much fun. Most of the cast was dancing and singing in just about every workout.

And I do want to make a point about the music that has been curated by Autumn. She not only has chosen music to make you want to move, she chose songs with lyrics that were very intentional for that workout and that moment that you are fully present in. The lyrics are super intentional and, because of that, they are crazy powerful for your experience.

I am in the over 50 category and prior to starting this 21 Day Fix Super Block, I really was tempted to feel a victim of my age and my body. The scale was constantly creeping even though I was doing the same things I had always done.

Turns out, I needed to remind myself of the power of those magical color coded containers in Portion Fix. I was so under fueling my body in many categories. As soon as I put the exercise together with the nutrition, my body started to respond kindly again.

You can tune in to some of the behind the scenes highlights in my Instagram Stories HERE.


Want to be part of an interactive, fun and informational BOD Group while completing the 21 Day Fix Super Block? Join my BOD group! As your mentor I’ll be there to hold you accountable and make sure you’re sticking with it! You can book a time to talk with me about your goals and the best ways to get started by clicking THIS LINK

OR, fill out THIS FORM and let me know a little about your goals. I will reach out with a few options you can consider to start with. Either way, we are going to have an INCREDIBLE experience together with the 21 Day Fix Super Block!

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